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Medical detox is among the best treatments for drug and alcohol addiction. Generally reserved for only the most serious of cases, it provides a safe and effective form of rehab and recovery for long-time drug users.

Though medical detox is most often touted for its high safety record and overall effectiveness, it is also one of the longest-lasting treatments. What this means is that those drug addicts that do go through medical detox have the best chance of long-term success. The rate of success is even higher when detox is combined with additional treatment methods like group and individual therapy.

Our drug treatment centers in Jersey City have a number of medical detox programs that can meet your needs. Call Alcohol Treatment Centers Jersey City at (201) 559-7998 for more information.

What is Alcohol and Drug Detox?

“Detox” is a word that gets thrown around a lot, yet many people who use the term don’t truly understand what it means.

Simply put, medical detox is a method of removing drugs or alcohol from a person’s system in a safe and controlled manner. Long-term drug abuse often creates a mental and physical dependency on the drug of choice. When the drug is suddenly removed, the body is thrown into a state of withdrawal, during which a number of painful and even fatal symptoms can occur.

When detox is undertaken in a controlled medical environment, the patient can be carefully monitored. Doctors are present for the entire withdrawal process to closely monitor both your physical and mental state. If they notice you’re reacting with dangerous withdrawal symptoms, they can administer medications to reduce the pain. An example of this is the administration of Methadone or Neurontin for opiate detox.

Drug and Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

While almost every drug addict is certain to experience some form of withdrawal upon detox, those who have been using drugs for a longer period of time and in larger amounts will experience more serious symptoms.

The symptoms of drug and alcohol withdrawal often include anxiety, sweating, nausea, insomnia, lack of appetite, trembling and headache. Individual drugs produce different withdrawal symptoms as well. For instance, the long-term abuse of alcohol can lead to hallucination, confusion, seizure, fever and agitation.

The Role of a Detox Treatment Center

Medical detox is best undertaken in a drug treatment center. Our Drug Treatment Centers in Jersey City specialize in drug and alcohol detox.

The role of a drug treatment center is to make the process of detox all the easier and safer. It also produces much higher long-term recovery rates in patients. Simply put, your likelihood of going back to drugs or alcohol is cut down drastically when detox is undertaken in a controlled environment.

An example of the importance of drug treatment centers to the detox process is perfectly highlighted by alcohol. A number of serious withdrawal symptoms appear when alcohol is abused for a long period of time and then suddenly cut off. High body temperature, fluctuations in heart rhythm, and delusion are all common. In a treatment center, unlike at home, there is plenty of help and support available to minimize the pain and danger associated with these symptoms.

Quitting drugs or alcohol is intimidating. There is no getting around that fact. Yet when you are ready to dedicate yourself to recovery, medical detox can make the first steps of the process that much safer and easier.

Call Alcohol Treatment Centers Jersey City at (201) 559-7998 for more information regarding drug and alcohol detox and how this treatment can help you.

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