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Drug and alcohol abuse is a bigger problem than ever before. Not just in large cities like Jersey City, but in communities of all sizes across New Jersey. In fact, the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence estimates that over 20 million people use illegal drugs each month in the United States.

Along with this rise in drug and alcohol abuse has come a rise in the number of drug treatment centers. These rehab facilities are specifically designed to help patients overcome their addictions to drugs or alcohol. A special emphasis is placed on how these drug treatment centers can help you are a loved one overcome addiction.

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What is Addiction?

Everyone experiences drug abuse and addiction differently. Indeed, drug treatment centers are not needed by all drug users. However, there are a few common threads of addiction that everyone shares. For starters, it is a chronic progressive disease that exhibits itself as an irresistible urge to partake in a specific activity.

Addiction is also both physical and mental. When it comes to drug abuse, most users experience both physical and mental addiction. Take heroin addiction. Heroin addicts experience strong psychological and physical dependencies.

Secondary addictions are also quite common in those suffering from drug addiction. As its name implies, a secondary addiction is simply a second addiction that stems from the first. Many drug users experience secondary addictions including gambling addiction, sex addiction, and eating disorders.

Signs and Symptoms of Drug Addiction

There are numerous signs and symptoms of drug addiction to watch closely. These are the telltale signs that you are your loved one might need to seek the help of a drug treatment center.

Each drug comes with its own host of different symptoms. However, there are a few that almost every drug brings about. These include behavioral changes like lack of interest in previously enjoyed activities, mood swings, depression, and sleep problems. Physical changes often include rapid weight loss or weight gain. Naturally, another symptom experienced by drug addicts is an obsession with the drug in question.

Treatment for Drug Addiction

Overcoming drug addiction is not something that many people are able to do alone. It takes a lot of help and support to do it effectively. This is where drug treatment centers come into the picture. These rehab facilities make drug treatment far easier while increasing the addict’s chances of long-term success.

Drug rehab programs are designed with each particular patient in mind. They are customized to the drug in question and the addict’s personal needs. Many treatment programs start with medical detox to safely get the patient off their drug of choice.

Other than detox, patients have two main options when it comes to drug treatment programs: residential treatment and outpatient treatment. In residential treatment, the patient lives in an on-site care facility, attending individual and group therapy sessions several times a day. In outpatient treatment, the patient lives at home, attending individual and group therapy sessions at a treatment facility at least three times a week.

Many recovering addicts find it most effective to combine all three treatment types into one. After a period of detox, they stay in a residential facility for up to one month. When the residential stay is finished, they continue attending outpatient meetings several times per week for an extended period of time. Indeed, many recovering addicts continue attending weekly therapy sessions for the rest of their lives to prevent relapse.

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