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Music Therapy for Addiction Treatment in Jersey City, NJ

music therapy couple in love Jersey city alternative addiction treatment sober happy social life married drug abuse alcoholism rehab New Jersey rehabilitation center Music is everywhere, it is a universal language and a means of self-expression. Music can have a powerful impact on our emotions, feelings, and mood. Music therapy uses music and sound to help relieve and encourage emotional, behavioral, physical and social changes. It also helps to cope with withdrawal symptoms and increases your ... Read More →

Opiates Effects on Your Social Life in Jersey City, NJ

opiates effects drug abuse substance use ruined social life family Jersey City rehab treatment center New Jersey rehabilitation Illicit substance use affects almost every part of a person’s life. Prescription painkillers and other opiates use can weaken your immune system, disrupt your sleep, and lead to social withdrawal. Addiction is a major social problem, that can negatively impact one’s personality, education, work, home, finances, well-being, and health.

Fami... Read More →

Alcohol Abuse Treatment in Jersey City

drug and alcohol addiction treatment Jersey City Alcohol abuse treatment can occur at any stage when drinking becomes chronic. Nipping the habit early however, can save years of struggle and prevent the slide into an alcoholic lifestyle.  Adolescent drinking that does not get addressed through treatment can have... Read More →

Intervention in Jersey City, NJ

drug and alcohol addiction treatment Jersey City

Intervention: How does it work?

A drug or alcohol intervention is a useful tool designed to encourage addicts to get into a treatment program. Typically hosted by addiction specialists, interventions provide the motivation that addicts need to take their first step towards sobriety. They often involve loved ones and can be very emotional ... Read More →

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