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Completing a drug rehab treatment program is a hard-won accomplishment. There is no denying that it is a major stepping stone towards overall recovery. Yet it is still only a single part of the battle. After drug rehab is complete, many people require additional addiction aftercare to ensure the long-term success of their efforts.

Addiction aftercare can greatly help you or your loved one after a drug addiction. For more information on addiction aftercare and drug treatment programs, call Alcohol Treatment Programs Jersey City at (201) 559-7998.

What is Addiction Aftercare?

Drug addiction recovery is not always simple and straightforward. There are a lot of different factors and methods that go into it. Furthermore, these must be tailored to each individual patient for the best chance of success.

Addiction aftercare is just one type of drug addiction treatment. It is designed to make the transitional period between completing drug rehab to reentering real life easier. The goal of aftercare is to help clients avoid making the same mistakes to prevent drug relapse in the future.

In many ways, aftercare is a continuation of the therapy, counseling, and support provided in a drug treatment program. It is important for the patient to understand that while completing drug rehab is a major accomplishment, it does not mean they are cured. They need to continue to work just as hard at relapse prevention, especially when they transition back into a new life.

The key here is that real-life brings with it pressures, responsibilities, and temptations that were all but nonexistent in the carefully controlled rehab environment. All of these factors make it that much easier to slip up and make a mistake. Aftercare helps patients maintain a dependable support system to help deal with these factors as they arise.

The importance of addiction aftercare cannot be overstated. The long-term success rate of those enrolled in these programs skyrocket. In fact, it is incredibly hard – if not impossible – for the vast majority of addicts to succeed for longer than a couple of years after treatment without some form of continuous aftercare and support.

The Basic Addiction Aftercare Plan

What’s good about aftercare for drug and alcohol addiction treatment is that it can be fine-tuned to each individual’s needs and preferences. While every plan is different, each one generally follows the same basic pattern.

Continual care therapy is the first building block to an aftercare plan. These group and individual therapy sessions focus on helping the patient work through the underlying issues that helped cause their addiction in the first place. Therapy also helps patients learn to identify and cope with environmental, social and psychological triggers in their lives.

Another way in which aftercare helps the recovering addict is by providing the means to cope with stress and cravings. While the majority of cravings are triggered by stressful or otherwise negative experiences, even positive experiences such as starting a new job can trigger cravings. Building the skills needed to effectively handle these cravings is essential for long-term recovery.

The overall goal of aftercare in drug addiction treatment is to prevent relapse. When all of the building blocks are placed together, the intention is to keep the patient off of drugs or alcohol for good. A key component in every recovery plan is what to do in the event of a relapse. Most of the time this includes what to do to immediately avoid continued use or abuse of the drug in question.

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