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Music Therapy for Addiction Treatment in Jersey City, NJ

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Music is everywhere, it is a universal language and a means of self-expression. Music can have a powerful impact on our emotions, feelings, and mood. Music therapy uses music and sound to help relieve and encourage emotional, behavioral, physical and social changes. It also helps to cope with withdrawal symptoms and increases your motivation during your recovery.

Music therapy allows individuals to develop self-confidence and to be more expressive. During the therapy session, you may listen to music, create or sing with instruments and voice, discuss the lyrics, and move to the music. Other individuals may meditate, or improve their imagination with visual art or other artistic pursuits.

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Benefits of music therapy Jersey City, NJ

Music therapy cannot treat or prevent all diseases but it can help overcome and reduce uncomfortable symptoms. When music therapy is used alongside with other treatments, it enhances recovery.

Music affects various areas of our brain, which are responsible for our sensations, emotions, movement and perception. Different music genres help in the treatment of a wide range of physical and mental health problems such as insomnia, alcohol or drug dependence, depression, and anxiety. While listening to music, the level of stress hormone cortisol decreases and the level of dopamine increases. Thus, it helps us relax and lowers our stress level, reduces feelings of anxiety, depression, and anger.

Everyone knows that listening to music can lift our spirits and improve our mood. It can make our day better. This is because music stimulates our brain and releases dopamine. When an addict is going through withdrawal, the dopamine level is lowered and that person has an urge to use drugs or alcohol to feel good. Music can enhance one’s spirit and help manage substance cravings.

Music therapy has an impact on our social interactions as well. It helps us overcome verbal barriers, express ideas and thoughts. In addition, music can improve concentration, attention, communication and learning skills.

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