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Opiates Effects on Your Social Life in Jersey City, NJ

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Illicit substance use affects almost every part of a person’s life. Prescription painkillers and other opiates use can weaken your immune system, disrupt your sleep, and lead to social withdrawal. Addiction is a major social problem, that can negatively impact one’s personality, education, work, home, finances, well-being, and health.


Opioid addiction not only affects the user, it affects the addict’s family, friends, colleagues, and society. Most often, families of those who are drug addicts are subject to domestic violence and abused. This often results in marriage or relationship breakdown, divorce, family conflicts, and other situations which may cause financial loss, suffering, and troubles.


Strong cravings for opiates can lead to higher rates of violence and crime. Crimes related to drug use encompass buying or selling drugs, stealing to obtain money to buy drugs, assault, getting into accidents, and other drug-related illegal activities.


Opiate addiction can affect someone’s personality, attitudes, and behavior. Addicted people may behave or do things that they would never normally do. For instance, they may lie, cheat, steal, feel restless, have low self-confidence, and behave arrogantly. Those addicted to opioid substances may experience social isolation as well. Opiates can change the desire and ability to be social.

Education and Work

Addiction can influence one’s education and workplace by causing job or school failure, disciplinary problems, decreased work performance and learning skills. Even small amounts of drugs can decrease your activity level, impair your motor skills and mood. Opiate addicts are at higher risk of losing their job or being expelled from school.

Financial troubles

Opiate addicts need more of the drug to achieve the same effects; thus, it involves large financial costs. Drug costs gradually become more expensive, and the money that you can use for everyday expenses will be wasted on drugs.

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