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Intervention: How does it work?

A drug or alcohol intervention is a useful tool designed to encourage addicts to get into a treatment program. Typically hosted by addiction specialists, interventions provide the motivation that addicts need to take their first step towards sobriety. They often involve loved ones and can be very emotional in nature, but are critical for anyone unable to see the harm in their addiction and unwilling to seek help. There are different types of intervention models used to address addiction, including the following:

  • Direct Confrontation: In this model of intervention, loved ones of an addict plan a surprise intervention during which they address the addiction and consequences of it. This is the most commonly used type of intervention in the United States.
  • Indirect Confrontation: This type of intervention aims to help both the family and addict heal, despite whether or not the addict pursues rehabilitation. The ARISE intervention model is based on indirect confrontation and as such, attempts to use the least invasive methods possible to encourage addicts to begin treatment.

Secondary Addictions

Many drug and alcohol addicts have preexisting addictions or develop them as a result. Eating disorders such as anorexia and overeating in addition to gambling often accompany substance abuse. These secondary addictions must be addressed during treatment to avoid relapse in the future. Your loved one may be suffering from an addiction due to a co-exisiting or secondary addiction. If you have known they have a gambling problem and later developed an alcoholism problem it could be to minimize stress associated with gambling.

Get The Help You Deserve

If your loved one is suffering from an addiction to alcohol or drugs an intervention can help them realize they have a problem. Due to the fact that many addicts a) are in denial of the addiction and b) fear change, many factors often block them from accepting the help of a treatment. Staging an intervention with a specialist from a treatment center such as Alcohol Treatment Centers Jersey City could be the realization they need to get themselves help.  Call us today at (201) 559-7998.

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