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Alcoholism is on a steady rise in the Northeastern area. With an estimated 18 million American adults struggling with alcohol abuse, it is important to know that you are not alone in your addiction. Alcohol Treatment Centers Jersey City offers those suffering from alcohol abuse disorder and alcohol dependence a safe haven where they can receive a full range of rehabilitation programs.

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Specialized Treatment Programs

Each program offered by Alcohol Treatment Centers Jersey City is created with the patient’s recovery in mind. No treatment is alike because every individual develops an addiction for unique reasons. At Alcohol Treatment Centers Jersey City we offer both inpatient and outpatient programs to accommodate the needs of the addict. However, sometimes we recommend an inpatient treatment for a more structured rehabilitation.

If you are suffering from alcoholism near the Jersey City area contact Alcohol Treatment Centers Jersey City and begin your journey of sobriety. Call today at (201) 559-7998.

Considered the most socially accepted addiction in America, alcoholism has many symptoms ranging from short and long-term, but treatment is attainable.

Alcoholism Defined

Alcoholism is defined as any dependence or preoccupation to alcohol. In most cases, it begins as alcohol abuse. Most alcoholics drink socially while some prefer to be alone and build a tolerance to the substance through regular consumption. Over time, they require more alcohol to achieve the desired buzz and may experience cravings for it.

Over Drinking and binge drinking are signs of alcohol abuse and the starting points of a serious addiction. Since alcohol plays such a large role in society, it is difficult to spot the difference between casual drinking and addiction. However, noticing the signs early on is critical for avoiding long-term health complications.


Alcohol addiction has many symptoms, ranging from physical to emotional. The most common sign of abuse is the inability to control one’s drinking habits. Many alcoholics frequently engage in binge drinking and experience blackouts, or inability to remember situations, as a result. Physical symptoms include weight gain or loss, bloodshot eyes, and problems with digestion. People who have developed a dependence on drinking also experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms, such as sleeplessness, body tremors, mood swings, and risk of seizure.

Mental signs of alcohol abuse include depression, mood swings and irritability. Alcoholism can cause long-term mental health conditions such as chronic depression and anxiety disorders in addition to a variety of physical ailments including liver complications and increased risk for cardiovascular disease.

Alcoholism Treatment

Alcoholics have a variety of alcohol rehab options available to them, with inpatient rehabilitation being the most popular. This type of treatment is highly effective because it requires on-site residency with strict guidelines, thus eliminating your ability to obtain alcohol. Outpatient treatment does not involve residency, making it a more flexible option for working adults. However, it does not restrict your access to alcohol, and can increase your risk for relapse. Addiction aftercare therapy is recommended to reduce this risk.

Both treatment options offer a wealth of resources that address addiction from all aspects. With individual counseling, group therapy and 112 step programs at the core of rehabilitation, you can rest assured knowing that you will have the support you need to maintain sobriety.

Alcoholism is a serious and growing problem, but you can reclaim your life from addiction. Start your own recovery journey by comparing treatment programs today! Call a caring addiction specialist now at (201) 559-7998.

About Jersey City, NJ

Jersey City, is located in the Hudson County of the state of New Jersey. The area is rich in culture and diversity being settled in 1660, Jersey City buildings and residents are a compilation of the town’s history. Revolution, refinery, immigration and war have played a role in what Jersey City is today. With a close proximity to New York City, Jersey City residents often travel the famed New Jersey Turnpike to engage in social activities and seek job opportunities.

For those who wish to escape the busy city life in New York, Jersey City offers a borough outside opf the madness that is still close enough to travel there for work or pleasure. However, Jersey City also boasts its own great dining, shopping and recreational activities.  For example the notable landmarks such as the Liberty Science Center, the Statue of Liberty National Monument, Colgate Clock, and the Loew’s Jersey Theatre. Furthermore, the Katyń Memorial. Additionally, the Hudson County Shakespeare Festival is celebrated in Jersey City since 1992. During this festival, a free Shakespeare production is performed at various parks throughout the city for each month of the summer.

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